Red Stamp Club (RSC) is a preferred partner programme with a difference where we manage this portion of your travel programme on your behalf. It brings quality and cost control to a previously unmanaged area of the travel portfolio and it also supports the overall business objectives of transformation and development.

The Red Stamp Club members are a professional community of accommodation providers in the Guest House, B&B and Boutique Hotel sector. They all commit to complying with professional industry standards so you don’t have to compromise on quality when opting for smaller B&B’s and guest house accommodation. They also offer you a cost effective alternative to hotels in major cities and quality accommodation in smaller, outlying areas.

From a governance perspective, the programme addresses essential needs such as safety of your travellers, standardisation of processes and access to compliant and accurate data. In addition, by incorporating Red Stamp Club into your accommodation portfolio, you support a key objective of the programme, which is to transform, uplift and develop Exempted Micro-Enterprises (EME’s) and Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs) in the tourism industry.

Through a dynamic association with HRG Rennies Travel, a major corporate travel management company, we have applied our industry knowledge and created a meaningful vehicle to regulate both service standards and skills development in this sector. This programme supports the growth and development of emerging businesses and many of its 800 member properties are black owned.

Key benefits to you include:

  • Guest House/ B&B end-to-end programme management – one partner to work with.
  • Rebate structure based on your volumes.
  • Accessibility of inventory through multiple channels.
  • Customised web-based programme directory listing B&B’s and Guest Houses modeled to your travel.


  • Streamlined financial process.
  • Health & Safety compliance for properties on your RSC programme.
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development aligned to the B-BBEE codes.
  • B-BBEE rating credentials for all member properties.
  • Reporting and analysis on procurement spend directed to Red Stamp Club members.
  • Rates and favourable cancellation policies aligned to your volumes and the needs of travellers.

Quantifying the Value

End-to-End Programme Management

RSC is your single point of contact for all Guest House and B&B programme management requirements.

  • Our dedicated team negotiates with the establishments on your behalf and ensures the service standards of all members remains consistent..
  • If complaints arise, we liaise with the property on your behalf for speedy resolution.
  • In addition, we prepare and manage a customised property directory for your convenience.


In many instances, securing confirmation at Guest Houses and B&B’s is a very manual process. Red Stamp Club properties make their inventory available on the Global Distribution System and you enjoy the benefit of integrating this into your online booking platform.

  • Your Travel Management Company (TMC) can also book these properties directly on three leading Global Distribution Systems, giving them direct access to the inventory in real time without having to call the properties directly or visit multiple websites.
  • You receive instant confirmation if the accommodation is available for the requested date/s.
  • In addition to improving efficiencies around the traditional booking process, the integration will also assist you in reducing leakage in your programme. It prevents users from booking properties in this category directly or via other non-corporate booking platforms.

Streamlined Financial Process:

  • Members are trained on how to produce SARS compliant invoices for customers.
  • The Red Stamp Club acts as a “tour operator”, eliminating the need for you to deal directly with suppliers and ensures no delay in the receipt of invoices.
  • Red Stamp Club holds members accountable through a financial SLA.
  • Red Stamp Club provides business acumen training to small business owner members where needed.

Health and Safety Compliance:

  • All member properties receive health and safety compliance training to ensure duty of care.
  • Members are encouraged to register their compliance to prescribed health and safety standards.
  • Members receive discounted rates on liability insurance.

Quality Assurance:

  • All members are audited annually to ensure quality is not compromised.
  • Traveller and Guest reviews are also used as a source of information for quality assurance.
  • Members have access to a wide selection of core products and services at discounted rates allowing them to offer quality to guests while containing their overheads.

Transformation through B-BBEE:

The new Codes that came into effect in May 2015 create exciting opportunities for your business to improve your B-BBEE scoring. Red Stamp Club can help you in various ways:

  • Skills Transfer option under the Empower Supplier status initiatives.
  • Preferential Procurement enhancement.
  • Provision of detailed reporting to monitor Preferential Procurement spend.
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development opportunities for deserving EME and QSE members’ properties.

Please click here for detailed information on the new requirements in terms of the B-BBEE Act and Codes of Good Practice on Black Economic Empowerment.

B-BBEE assessment tool:

We have a unique reporting tool that will enable you to calculate indicative B-BBEE scores in accordance with the latest B-BBEE Codes, backed up with valid B-BBEE certificates of all members.

Customised Online Programme Directory:

The unique web-based B&B and Guest House directory is customised to incorporate the properties selected to be in your accommodation programme and is created in line with your Travel Policy. This ensures compliance and assists travellers to make appropriate accommodation decisions. Features include:

  • Rates negotiated on your behalf, based on volume.
  • Details of the establishment’s B-BBEE scorecard.
  • Details of the establishment’s grading.
  • Interactive comments section where travellers can share their experience.
  • Locations (geo-mapping with directions).
  • Full details of all amenities including internet/ Wi-Fi accessibility and uninterrupted power supply through alternative power sources.
  • Confirmation of adherence to Health and Safety requirements.

Dedicated Support:

  • The RSC programme is run by a dedicated management and administration team who are your first point of contact for any challenges and support needs.

Return on Investment

RSC offers your business:

  • Hands on assistance with the selection and sourcing of alternative quality accommodation:

• One-on-one engagement with your high volume Guest House/ B&B establishments to secure membership to RSC and as such,
relevant compliance to the programme specifications.
• Implementing and monitoring of Health and Safety Compliance.
• Implementing and maintenance of database of B-BBEE certificates of establishments.
• Assistance with identifying Enterprise and Supplier Development opportunities for your business.
• Conducting inspections at specific properties when requested (fees apply).

  • Support of your preferential procurement initiatives in terms of the new B-BBEE Codes.
  • Opportunities for reciprocal business between your organisation and the buying group we have created for RSC members. This provides the members with essential services at prices they could not access independently, reducing their cost of operation.
  • Cost of Business benefits associated with using RSC properties vs. non-RSC properties; for example: Duty of care; payment processes; challenges with incorrect invoices; inefficiencies through manual processes; standard of accommodation; etc.